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What is a birth doula?

Doula, from the Greek (doulos) - a servant, attendant; one who gives himself up to another's will; those whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing his cause among men; ​devoted to another to the disregard of one's own interests


To come alongside pregnant women and their partners, accompanying them in their journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, during which I will emotionally support, help in pain management and labor positions

Benefits of hiring a doula

  • 39% decrease in Cesarean sections

  • 8% increase in the likelihood of spontaneous (non-induced) vaginal birth

  • shorter labors by 40 minutes

  • 31% increase in satisfaction with birth 

  • two times less likely to experience birth complications with mother or baby 

  • overall less likely to have pain medication, epidurals, and vacuum or forcep-assisted births

  • overall greater success breastfeeding, satisfaction with her partner's role in the birth, and warmth toward baby

  • significantly shorter labors

  • less negative reaction to pain and stress

  • four times less likely to have a low birth weight baby

  • earlier lactogenesis (process of milk coming in)

Why are doulas valuable?

  • Doulas decrease the stress in the environment surrounding the birthing woman. 

  • The connection between the doula and the birthing mother releases oxytocin in the mother, which continues to further her labor by advancing her contractions and relieving stress.

  • The partner is often less stressed, due to another person present who is wholly devoted to the mother's comfort and care.

  • Women are usually more confident and feel more free in their birth choices due to empowerment of knowledge and discussion of risks/benefits/alternative that the doula guides.

  • Because of the continuous presence of the doula (which cannot be provided by nurses, doctors, or midwives), mothers are more likely to be comforted and encouraged throughout the duration of labor.


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If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.                

                             John Kennell, MD

A skilled doula empowers a woman to communicate her needs and perceptions and actualize her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience.

Gruber (PhD), Cupito (MA), Dodson (MEd)

Client Love Letters

Client love letters.


Property Manager


Mama of Bodie


Sarah is an amazing doula! I loved the extra support she offered throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum period. Her presence during my son’s birth gave both my husband and me great comfort. Sarah was very invested in doing any research necessary to answer my questions. It was an honor to have Sarah as a doula!

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