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Hospital and

Home Birth Services

Serving the Casper area



I'm a paragraph. Click to add your text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.



I'm a paragraph. Click to add your text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.

Prenatal and Postpartum Consulting and Education

During our two prenatal appointments, we will discuss birthing plan options and decision-making plans, pain relief, and the physiology of birth and fear. I am not a midwife or a doctor, so I cannot give you advice, but I can present you with evidence and options, as much as you desire. Postpartum, we will debrief your birth experience and discuss basic newborn, breastfeeding, and recovery care. 

Labor and

Birth Care

From 37 weeks on, I will be on-call to answer questions and offer support and to attend your birth as soon as you want me there.  I will be present for the duration of the birth until a few hours after.  My role will be to offer support and options for pain relief, as well as physical support you or your partner may need.

Birth Pool Rental

I own a Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini (see model here).  I rent it out to be used during birth, if you desire.  See my resources page and blog post regarding the benefits and details of having a water birth

I charge $150 for birth

pool rental.

Bereavement Doula

If your little one is no longer alive inside your womb, or if she or he may not live long after birth, let me first say how grieved I am for your loss.  I am so very sorry.

 If you would desire, I would be honored to be a support to you in your birth journey, difficult as it will be.  See my resources page for more information on miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death. 

The Nitty Gritty

  • Cost: $900

  • Free consultation to answer questions you may have and to discuss benefits and services of a birth doula

  • Services included:

    • ​Two prenatal appointments​

    • Phone call/text/email communication regarding specific questions in between appointments

    • Attendance to one prenatal visit with doctor or midwife if desired

    • On-call availability from 37 weeks until birth

    • Continual support during labor and birth

    • One to two postpartum appointments

  • With a midwife present, I can attend any home birth; I can attend any hospital births.  

  • I will travel up to 50 miles, given advanced notice and mileage compensation.   

  • When you are in labor, I will need one hour (if in city limits) to arrive where you will give birth.

  • I can also offer support during extenuating or emergency circumstances, such as Cesarean births.

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